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CPM Educational Program’s Calculus, reviewed by Learning List, is included on the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) Example Textbooks List for Calculus AB and BC courses.

Learning List provides independent reviews of K-12 instructional materials and online courses. For more details, view the New Review: CPM Educational Program's Calculus.

We invite you to read the complete CPM Traditional Series EdReports review.

EdReports has reviewed CPM’s Traditional High School program.  

"... materials meet the expectations for focus and coherence and attend to the full intent of the mathematical content standards."
"... materials also attend fully to the modeling process when applied to the modeling standards."
"The materials also meet the expectations for rigor and the Mathematical Practices as they reflect the balances in the Standards and help students meet the Standards’ rigorous expectations and meaningfully connect the Standards for Mathematical Content and the Standards for Mathematical Practice."

We invite you to read the complete CPM Integrated Series EdReports review.

EdReports has reviewed CPM’s Integrated High School program.  

"... the lessons are structured in a way that students will fully learn all aspects of most standards and do not distract students with prerequisite or additional topics."
"The materials give extensive opportunities to work with course-level problems and exercises appropriate to high school and relate new concepts to students' prior skills and knowledge."

We invite you to read highlights from Ed review of CPM Middle School Core Connections, Courses 1­-3.


EdReports has reviewed CPM’s Middle School program. 

"… excellent, seamless balance of conceptual understanding, procedural development, and application."
"… materials explicitly attend to the specialized language of mathematics."
"Problems attend to the full meaning of each practice standard multiple times throughout the year."

Read the complete EdReports Publisher Commentary for Core Connections, Courses 1-3 and CPM’s response.